Fun Places to Visit in St. Louis

If you’re going to be in St. Louis even for a few hours for a meeting, don’t miss the chance to explore this amazing city. St. Louis offers so much to see and do, with activities and attractions to appease every lifestyle and need. You won’t find activities like this elsewhere in the world and deserve to see them while you’re in the city. Arrange the very best airport transportation st louis mo and make plans to explore the city and the attractions below, at a minimum.

Grant’s Farm

If you’re in St. Louis with the family, plan a trip to Grant’s Farm. You’ll enjoy the 286-acres of land owned by the Busch family, where you can enjoy a variety of activities and seasonable events, Clydesdale horses, nature, and more fun than imaginable.

City Museum

This is not your average museum, but instead is designed as a place to have fun, be yourself, and let whatever happens, happen. Toddler Town, Build Season, and many other fun activities await visitors who come to the City Museum!

St. Louis Arch

The Arch is the most notable attraction in the U.S. Many people who visit STL come to see this attraction alone. It’s a spectacle from the outside but if you dare trek the inside, the amazing sights have just begun.

Cardinals Hall of Fame

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St. Louis is a haven for a sports fan. The city is home to many teams, both professional and local, and a variety of sports-related activities to enjoy, including the Cardinals Hall of Fame. If you’re a baseball or a sports fan with an interest in this team, you shouldn’t miss a stop at this extravagant facility where you can see various pieces of memorabilia and artifacts reciting the team’s many great years in the leagues.