Benefits of Rekeying Your Locks

Call a locksmith if you want to change the locks on your home. This expert will help you determine if you need entirely new locks or if rekeying service is the better option. Many people can use rekeying service rather than replacement and save a considerable amount of money in the process. But, there are far greater benefits than simply saving money. What are the benefits of re-keying san diego?

Rekeying locks is the process of removing the springs and pins from the lock cylinder and replacing them with new springs and pins that work with another key. Once you rekey the lock, it works better than it did before and ensures that no one else has a key to the home, office, safe, etc.  The service is highly beneficial when tenants and/or roommates move out of the home, but people will find the service helpful.

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Once you rekey the locks, you need only one key to operate any lock in the house, car, etc.  For many people, being able to use a single key on all locks is a convenient answer to lost keys and other headaches during the day.  The existing hardware in the locks isn’t replaced when you opt to use rekeying service and it requires far less time to finish than a locks replacement job.

Not every job is suitable for rekeying, but many are. Once you call a locksmith, he’ll evaluate the locks that you wish to replace to help you learn if rekeying is an option or if you’ll need to make a full replacement.  Rekeying benefits you in many ways, whether it is the amount of money you spend or the safety of the home. Could it be the best option for your lock needs?